Gibbs Music Festival

My music festival in Essex

The Inter-Cultural Society of London
An International group of women from Australia, France, Lebanon, Mongolia, The Philippines. Trinidad, United Kingdom and The United States of America, who formed The Inter-Cultural Society of London on 20 July 2009.

West End Mamas
Vocal group 'West End Mamas" have been described as the
most exciting act of their generation.

Nicholas Wynne - Pianist and Composer
Nick Wynne, pianist and composer of fine music for piano, saxophone, strings and much more.

Anthony Philpot Music Recording
Studio and location recording and producing of music - editing and mastering for CD production.

Donald Francis Tovey
Sir Donald Francis Tovey (b. July 17, 1875 d. July 10, 1940) was a British musical analyst, musicologist, writer on music, composer and pianist.

Armstrong Gibbs Society
Promoting the music of Armstrong Gibbs

Classical dj
Listen online while you are working to world's largest collection of Classical radio stations with live streaming music.

MusicWeb International
Excellent online resource with classical CD reviews, articles etc.

British Music Information Centre
Excellent organisation with score and listening archives in central London

Lisa Macuja
Regardless of what search engine or link brought you here – you probably already know that I am a ballerina. Have been dancing for 25 seasons already and have just opened a personal website to better communicate with…you!

The Danbury Society

The Danbury Society is a village conservation Society located in Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, UK.

London Piano Trio

Home to the London Piano Trio.

Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers

The British Music Page
Dedicated to 20/21st Century British Music.

The British Council

Gramophone Magazine

One Of The Best Classical Music Magazine in the World.

Internet Bookshop
Sheet music, videos etc online.

Yahoo Classical Music Section.

Classical Insites

Big new American Clasical site.

List of Composers

The Picture Gallery of Classical Composers

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